How are you defining yourself?

wow definition

Greetings Worth it Woman fans,I am back from my month of recovery time with some reflections on our Word of the Week definition. How are you defining yourself?  Have you created a self-limiting box with that definition? I sure did. This is what my surgery and…Click To Tweet.What can you do this week to open […]

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Are you ready to Pivot?


We all face curve balls in life. Being ready to pivot, to smoothly switch gears and head in the next right direction can be critical.So often when that curve ball first comes we want to dig in our heels and stay the course. We get caught up in our plans, our visions for the future […]

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What do you need to start today?

wow start

Our Worth It Word of the Week is start. What do you need to start today? Sometimes we get so stuck in the dreaming, imagining, and hoping, we never really take that first step. So what is your first, next right step? What is the dream you are thinking about and not acting on? Take that […]

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Do you need to make an investment?

WOW  Invest

 This week I have been thinking about where my time and money are being invested. Last week, we talked about balance and the need for our time and energy to be spent on the things that matter. The same can be said for our money. Sometimes it takes an investment to get access to the […]

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Do You Need to Find Balance?

Word balance

Today is the first day of Fall, my favorite season of the year. Just 100 days remain in 2015.How are you progressing on your goals? This is a great day to evaluate where you are at and where you want to be.I recently came to realize there were some things in my life that didn’t […]

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