Why I Buy from My Friends

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When you make a purchase, do you ever stop and think about the impact your dollar is making? Once your dollar leaves your hand, ultimately where does it go. In any business transaction, someone typically makes a profit. How often do you think about who that person is or where that profit goes? There has […]

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How to Stop Competing and Bloom

A flower does not worry about competing

  Stop for a minute and think, what have you not done because you noticed someone else was already doing it? How often do you find yourself competing with the “flower” next to you? Isn’t that what we are doing when we make comparisons?What has competing with the flower next to you prevented you from […]

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Are You Worth It?


Do you wonder sometimes whether you are worth it? What does that even mean? Does it really matter?  I love the simplicity of this quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer. Self-worth is really just what you think about yourself. Do you hold yourself in high esteem? If you do, what does that mean for your life? […]

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